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Paid Opportunity for Kids to Participate in UCLA Anxiety Study!

UCLA Study For Kids Ages 9-13


Kids Can Learn About Scientific Research and Get Paid Too!

I recently connected with a fellow Los Angeles mom who's a total boss. Dr. Adriana Galvan is the Director of the Developmental Neuroscience at UCLA, whose focus is to understand the developing brain in children and adolescents.

She and a collaborator launched a five-year study funded by the National Institute of Health that's aimed at uncovering exactly why some children begin to struggle with anxiety as they become teenagers.

Now, I know what you're thinking... it's probably because of digital devices and social media, right?

Well, unless we have a dedicated group of researchers, like Dr. Galvan's team, to really dig deep and study all aspects of what's happening with kids and anxiety, we really won't know!

"Anxiety is the number one mental health issue affecting young people today and we aim to find workable solutions to it," Dr. Galvan said to me.

You can support Dr. Galvan's research efforts and give your kids an opportunity to learn about scientific research and get paid too! Each child accepted into the program will be paid $100 for their time and participation. They will also be invited to return the following year for follow-up research! Parents will learn more about their kids' daily habits and how to help them if they are struggling with anxiety. 

If you live in Los Angeles and have kids between the ages of 9-13 visit or call 424-341-3809.

Dr. Galvan says they are eager to recruit Hispanic children for a well-rounded group of participants.

I hope you consider this, friends.

Thanks for reading!


-Anabel M.