Message Heart Valentine's Day Pancakes!

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Valentine's Day Breakfast Idea

Here's a little breakfast idea we tried over the weekend in anticipation of Valentine's Day: Message Heart Pancakes!

They are so, so very easy to prepare and make for yummy, colorful Valentine's Day themed cuteness.

Here are the three (3) tools you need to make these at home: 1. heart-shaped cookie cutters 2. alphabet cutter molds 3. food dye.


It all starts with pancake mix. I used a regular Aunt Jemima Box that only requires water. Once I had my batter, I divided it evenly in five small bowls. I squeezed a couple drops of food dye into each bowl, mixed each one thoroughly and turned each one into a different color.

Meanwhile, I sliced a Melon into slices about half inch thick in order to make it possible to press down with the letter molds.

I poured the pancake batter on a small round-shaped pan and tried to make sure they didn't stay on either side too long, in order to preserve the color!


Once the pancakes were done, I used the heart cutouts to shape them.

Then I cut fun words like "XOXO" and "LUV" out of the melon and placed them over the heart-shaped pancakes.


Breakfast was ready and the boys consumed it all before I had a chance to get more photos!

Happy Valentine's Day, friends!

Thanks for reading!


-Anabel M.