Yougurt+Fruit Apple Bowls for Breakfast

For the Apples of my Eyes!


A Healthier Breakfast Alternative for Kids

My weekend breakfast routine with the kids almost always involves pancakes, often times in different shapes and colors and with different designs, to keep things fun. Benny and Toby love eating them, I love making them... but after a while, pancakes need a break too!

The kids love syrup on their pancakes and though delicious, I know there are many other awesome and healthier breakfast alternatives.

That's why I decided to get a little creative over the weekend and make fruit yogurt bowls out of Granny Smith Apples.


I contemplated making watermelon or honey dew melon bowls but then I realized the boys would probably not finish one on their own. Getting them to share one would have been a bad idea since we're going through a phase where sharing is not currently trending at home...

So I went with a smaller fruit– Apples.

Apple Bowls are small enough to be thoroughly enjoyed by kids, they can hold enough yogurt to make the little ones feel satisfied and topping them with fresh fruit makes them even more appealing! Best of all they're this easy to make:

Start out by locating a few nice, round and large Granny Smith Apples. Slice the top part of the apples, removing the stems.


Carve out the mid section of the apples with a knife and spoon until you create a good size cavity. Make sure you don't carve too deep in order to avoid puncturing holes that can make the contents leak later.

Fill with your kids' favorite yogurt and top with small fresh fruit bits & other goodies. I used cuties, peach slices, bananas, strawberries, almonds and Cheerios. Other ideas to use as toppers include: granola, kiwi, blueberries, chocolate shavings, diced melon and even gummy snacks!

The best part is watching them finish the yogurt and take a bite out of their apple bowl. When was the camera when I needed it!?

I hope you consider this easy and yummy breakfast option. Your kids will seriously thank you. Mine did!


Thanks for reading!


-Anabel M.