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Great Food & Great Company at Our End-of-Summer Backyard BBQ

BBQ Highlight: Hatch Chile Recipes from Bristol Farms!



The long days of summer are coming to an end, friends!

Benny already started Kindergarten, the weather is cooling off a bit and we're settling into our new routine with work schedules, school drop-offs and homework nights.

Paul and I were hoping to join my best friend Sheryl and her husband in Vegas before the end of summer for a last-minute getaway, but we couldn't make it. Instead, we invited them over for a backyard BBQ once they returned. We wanted to catch up and enjoy good food, cold beverages and let the kids play.

A picture with the grill master, my cute hubby.

A picture with the grill master, my cute hubby.

A day prior to our BBQ, I visited Bristol Farms in Woodland Hills. The L.A.-based grocery store, known for its quality products, is currently promoting the popular Hatch Chiles from New Mexico (available only 6 weeks each year) with fantastic Hatch Chile infused foods and items throughout the store. Customers can also request to have their chiles roasted on site.


For our Backyard BBQ, I picked up some Hatch Chile Pork Kabobs, Hatch Chile beef burgers and cream cheese stuffed Hatch chiles wrapped in bacon...yum! I also purchased other items to serve as side dishes, including Hatch guacamole and Hatch salsa.

Paul started the grill while the rest of us talked, laughed and frequently turned our attention to the kids who had constant requests for things (hehe)! We also enjoyed a few adult beverages (By the way, there is such thing as Hatch Chile Red Wine. It's also available at Bristol Farms...just sayin').


The kids had a blast doing cute kid things, like chase each other around the backyard with water toys and occasionally wander off on solo journeys that could have ended up not-so-fun:


It was a perfect afternoon.

I was sad when my bestie and her family left because days like these are what memories are made of-- there was no particular occasion, no fancy decorations or dozens of people to entertain. Just a few of our best friends enjoying a summer day with a tasty lunch buffet featuring great Hatch Chile options from Bristol Farms.


The Hatch Chile Celebration will continue at Bristol Farms through September 8, 2018 with several in-store events including Hatch roasting parties and Hatch tastings. Check out the calendar to see what's available at your nearest store!


Friends, I see our kids growing so fast and I know it sounds cliché, but I realize life is too short. Let's enjoy our friendships as much as possible and make it a point to make good memories.  I know I'll never forget this impromptu end-of-summer Backyard BBQ.

Thanks for reading!


-Anabel M.

Click here for more information on Bristol Farms Mulholland (where I love to shop).

Bristol Farms is Your Hatch Headquarters!

This is a sponsored post. I received a gift card for grocery purchases at Bristol Farms in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Bristol Farms in Woodland Hills Has a New Gelato Sandwich and We're In Love!

Croissants & Ice Cream? Yesss!


House-Made Gelato for the Win!

Our family loves cold dessert– shaved ice, fruit bars, ice cream, gelato, you name it!

However, we hadn't come across too many quality gelato establishments in the San Fernando Valley... until we discovered Bristol Farms' Gelato Bar a few months ago. The local grocery chain operates several stores throughout Los Angeles County, but only the store located in Woodland Hills, which opened last November as a beautiful 25,000 sq ft food hall concept store, offers a gelato bar.


So let's talk about the gelato bar at Bristol Farms in Woodland Hills aka Mulholland Bristol Farms

Every time I visit the store, I notice the gelato bar because it's located near the checkout registers and features an amazing wall display of 15 antique ice cream hand churners... so, so aesthetically appealing:


The Bristol Farms in Woodland Hills is the only location with a gelato bar so of course I knew I had to eventually give myself an opportunity to indulge in their frozen deliciousness.

Well the day came last week. After a busy work day and long commute home, I rallied up the boys and suggested we visit Bristol Farms after Friday night dinner.

I explained to my husband that we wouldn't be grocery shopping, as anyone with small children knows how hard it is to keep focused on the shopping list when the kids are constantly trying to jump out of the cart or grab and eat grapes from the fruit section, among other bratty distractions! With the disclaimer, he quickly agreed.

Off we went to a family gelato outing!


We tried their mango, chocolate and vanilla flavors stuffed in a croissant and drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauces.

OMG... so good! Even Toby was overjoyed with the yummy-ness!


And Benny kept looking at me like: "Don't mess with my gelato stuffed croissant sandwich, Mama!"

Personally, I was obessesed with his chocolate moustache...hehe


Now let's talk about the gelato bar at the Mulholland Bristol Farms Store

For starters, gelato is Italian style ice cream which is generally denser than American ice cream because less air is whipped into the mixture and it's churned at a slower speed, which in turn makes it contain less air and taste creamier....yum!

At Bristol Farms in Woodland Hills, the gelato bar offers artisanal flavors made with fresh ingredients.

The gelato croissant sandwiches are conveniently priced and if you make it a family outing, there's a fun dining area next to the bakery where kids can engage in activities like coloring and wooden toy games.

My husband and I never looked and felt so happy leaving the grocery store with our two rascally boys!


I suggest all parents leave their grocery shopping responsibilities aside and either pause for a gelato break at Bristol Farms or consider visiting the store for nothing other than to enjoy dessert and happy smiles from their kids!

We certainly hit the lotto with their gelato!

Bristol Farms in Woodland Hills is located at 23379 Mulholland Drive. | Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Thanks for reading, friends!


-Anabel M.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.