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Atop a Culver City hill—The Parallel Method (A Yoga Experience)

Dance, Play & Namaste

A Great Weekend Experience for Moms and Kids

Friends, I love yoga.

I may not practice it as much as I’d like to, and I’m nowhere near my desired “Yogi” status (lol) but the relaxation my mind and body feel after a Yoga class is like nothing else in the world. Honestly.

That’s why every time I get a chance to experience a new Yoga class, I take it. Over the weekend, I was invited by the super fun & creative Rosie of The Hustling Mama to join a group of mommy bloggers at a yoga class with the Parallel Method.

The Parallel Method is a wellness company created by local mom, Angie Poston. It offers classes through a system of “smart scheduling” which basically means that parents and children get to enjoy independent play simultaneously (hence the company’s use of the word Parallel in its title).

The fee for a drop-in class is $29 which includes 1.5 hours of childcare for one child (more on this in a bit) and 1 hour of yoga for the parent.

Angie Poston is the Founder of The Parallel Method

Angie Poston is the Founder of The Parallel Method

The concept behind The Parallel Method is that

Moms enjoy an outdoor yoga class, surrounded by nature while the children are entertained indoors with enriching activities such as arts & crafts, music and dancing. Kids’ classes are offered by children entertainment companies such as Baila Baila for Kids and others.

It’s a fabulous way to give your yoga practice an opportunity to meet with nature and remain relatively close to the kiddos.


The classes are held every Saturday at the Stoneview Nature Center

The Stoneview Nature Center is a public space— an urban sanctuary managed by the L.A. Department of Parks and Recreation which has lovely landscaping and gorgeous views of Los Angeles. On days when the skies are clear, you can see the Downtown L.A. skyline from up there.


It was my second class at The Parallel Method.

The first time I was there, I was joined by a few of my mommy magazine contributors. At that time, Toby, who is super attached to me, refused to play indoors. Instead, he opted to be close to Mama and sat there quietly next to me. I remember feeling his sweet little energy as I lay with my eyes closed, facing up for Savasanah (corpse pose).


This recent visit to the Parallel Method

was similar in that Toby still wanted to be close to me but this time he wanted to participate. He helped our Yoga Instructor, Angie Rutan, distribute yoga blocks by passing them out to the moms. He would go back for more. Eventually, he ran out of women to given them to but wouldn’t leave (lol…Aweee)!


After the class, we were treated

to delicious goodies, courtesy of Trader Joes and GoGo Squeez. Snacks included tangerines, water, yogurt and even gluten-free cupcakes…yum!

The moms got an extra special gift—a 2019 Harmony Planner created by local mom (and full-time attorney) Kellie Beach Sims. Thanks, Kellie! I look forward to using my planner!


A lovely day was had by all.

A special thanks to Rosie for organizing this wonderful experience and to Angie from The Parallel Method for hosting us.

For more information, including updated class schedules, fees and location address visit

Thanks for reading friends!


-Anabel M.