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Hativity Sun Hat to Keep Kids Busy!

Hativity to the Rescue!

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Hats Off to This Fun New Child's Accessory

I received a free Hativity in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

I was recently introduced to a very cool product developed by a SoCal Mom. It's a sun hat for kids called Hativity. It comes with embellishments in the form of velcro patches that stick to six different spaces around the hat.

During this weekend's trip to Oxnard, we visited the Channel Islands Harbor with our Hativity in tow. I really wanted Toby to try it. We rented a Surrey bike and Toby sat upfront so he definitely needed a nice hat to protect him from the sun.

When I showed him the patches, he got super excited! His three favorite patches were an acorn, an angel emoji and a ghost.


The Hativity patches are categorized in six different themes: 1. Emojis 2. Safari 3. Fall 4. Spring 5. Under the Sea 6. Winter.  The hats are available in blue and yellow colors.

Dr. Shannon Davis is the mom behind this invention. She says she came up with Hativity as a way to entertain her daughters, ages 4 and 8, at the grocery store.

"Initially I brought a tablet so they could play games while I shopped, but then I realized I was carrying even more in my mom bag! I needed a way to make life easier and happier for my children and I," she said.


When Toby started getting bored during our ride around the marina, I would simply pull off the patches and ask him to re-attach them. By the time our surrey rental expired, the penguin patch had taken center stage! When his cousins met up with us at the harbor, the older boys were curious and tried to pull off the patches from Toby's hat. Given that only the center of the patches has velcro, the outer edges stick out a bit on some of the designs, making it tempting for other kids to try to remove them, which is precisely why kids love this hat! But Toby defended his Hativity so his patch placement would remain!

Overall, it's a really neat product. You can buy it online for $16 and the patches are $2 each. While buying all six patches will drive the total price to nearly $30, there's currently a promotion offering a 20% discount off your purchase. 

Now I'm hoping for a red-colored hat in time to match the winter patches which include Christmas Trees and Santa Claus... That way Toby will be covered with Hativity fun all year long in sunny Southern California!

Check out Hativity:

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-Anabel M.