Toby's 3rd Birthday Blippi Breakfast

Toby Turns 3!


Blippi Breakfast

Besides watching his favorite cartoons on the Disney Junior channel, my son Toby loves watching the “Blippi” Youtube channel.

I’m not sure how he discovered Blippi (perhaps daycare?) but the fact is, he loves this character. Blippi is a an adult male Youtube star with millions of viewers. He targets preschool age children with videos showcasing shapes, colors, vehicles and catchy songs. He often travels around the country to visit kid museums and interviews police officers, firefighters and other community leaders. Toby is always asking to watch Blippi. He’s obsessed.


While I had contemplated

throwing my son a Blippi-themed birthday party (mainly because I love the colors of Blippi’s brand— orange and baby blue), my husband and I learned that a few years ago Blippi recorded himself defecating on his friend. omg. How nasty is that?

My husband and I had a long discussion about this. Look, we know he didn’t actually commit a crime. We also know he was trying to become a famous Youtube star long before he became Blippi. Several friends of mine laughed it off and thought it was no big deal. But I was pretty grossed out and decided to start limiting Toby’s Blippi TV time.


All this to say,

we reduced the Blippi-themed birthday celebration to a simple breakfast where the only Blippi reference was a faded Blippi printout. Then we celebrated his 3-year birthday with a Disney Pixar’s Coco-themed bash.

Still, my son got his Blippi shoes (which were purchased before the pooping video surged) and he got other Blippi gifts. He was super excited.


Next year,

we’ll hopefully move to a new favorite character with a less crappy past. LOL.

Thanks for reading friends!


-Anabel M.

Anabel Marquez