Easter Sunday Musings

Easter in Fillmore!

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Family Time

Easter Sunday at my godmother’s ranch house in Fillmore was a beautiful Spring experience. She purchased the house about two years ago and everytime we visit, we know we’re in for a treat.


It reminded me of how special it is

to enjoy religious celebrations with the family, especially because it was the type of joyous camaraderie that my late grandmother, Mamá Lala, always asked her children and grandchildren to preserve. My dad and his three sisters were there. Only my uncle Chavo was missing.


The kids ran around playing tag,

sliding on my Nina’s zip line and eventually broke an egg-shaped piñata that was hand-made out of cardboard, tissue paper and homemade glue.


Before the egg hunt,

they took time to pet and feed the ranch animals. Toby was trying to feed the goats fresh slices of watermelon but was too scared to get his hands close enough to the goats’ mouths. So he would end up dropping the watermelon slices and as soon as the fruit hit the ground, the goats would refuse to eat it... lol. He then moved on to petting the bunnies with his cousin Delilah and having toddler conversations about how to properly hold them.


Benny and his cousin Ethan found themselves

playing their own version of the Pokémon card game inside a beautiful kiosk-type structure located toward the back of the ranch.

Then they explored a small creek that runs through the garden. As the evening began to wind down, the boys discovered a lifeless gopher near a large tree.

The rodent was laying flat on the grass, teeth sticking out and all.

“Maybe he’s still alive,” suggested Ethan.

Benny confidently replied: “No, I think he was poisoned.”


The confetti eggs were a memorable way

to end our backyard Easter soirée. It took Toby a few moments to figure out how to crack an egg on someone’s head... but when he finally did, it was really sweet to watch him do it.


As the bright sun started going down,

we begun gathering our belongings. At one point, I found Benny crying next to the backyard swing. I worried that he’d gotten hurt or something.

“What’s wrong hijo?,” I asked him.

“Papa just gave me the report,” he replied sobbing.

“What report?,” I insisted.

“The report that we have to go home now and I don’t want to leave.”


It was an amazing Easter Sunday indeed.

Thanks for reading, friends!


-Anabel M

Anabel Marquez