Celebrating Batman Day for a Good Cause

September 15, 2018 was Batman Day!



Comic book heroes take a whole new level of importance in your life when you’re a boy mom.


So when we got invited

to an epic team-up between Buckle Down products, Bumkids, Kids Embrace, Silver Buffalo and Sun-Staches for an official Batman Day Family Fun Celebration, we knew we had to be there!


The event was held

at Hazeltine Park in Sherman Oaks. There were several Batman & Dark Knight-themed play areas for kids but the element that caught our attention the most was the Batmobile ‘Tumbler’ from the Dark Knight Film Trilogy. Did you know this vehicle was built with two forward-firing machine guns? Annnnnnd…did you know both front wheels can eject when the vehicle is damaged? That’s when the Tumbler becomes a Batpod!

Batman Glasses, courtesy of Sun-Staches.

Batman Glasses, courtesy of Sun-Staches.

We received some awesome

Batman swag, including the boys’ sunglasses which were worn by them alllllll day.

I share about our fun Batman Day outing because it’s great to know that the previously-mentioned companies collaborated to bring families together and give back.


Batman Day at Hazeltine Park

was a benefit event for two non-profit organizations that I support— Raise a Child and Vanderpump Dogs.

There were also several sponsors who donated snacks, treats and drinks for all guests.

Families who wanted to get their hands on the new KidsEmbrace Batman strollers were able to purchase one there— at the Batman Day Family Fun Day.


It was lovely morning

spent with my boys.

My hubby who loves to be a Joker (no pun intended) had fun too. He wouldn’t pose for a picture but he took several of us!

Thanks Kids Embrace for the awesome invitation!

And thanks for reading, friends!


-Anabel M.