Playtime with "Dr. Toby" and Koloreenies!

A New Generation of Neonate Babies Has Arrived!


Toby Loves "Lazukie"

Earlier this summer, we received an adorable Generation X-Clusive Koloreenies baby. It's a toy called a Nerlie, from the Neonate Babies line. His actual name is Lazukie and upon welcoming Lazukie home, Toby took control, donning a doctor's coat, and making sure this Neonate baby (from the region of Neotopia) was happy and healthy.

After giving him a few shots and checking his temperature, Toby jotted down Lazukie's height & weight. You see, Nerlie measurements must apparently be recorded by way of scribbles and squiggly lines...hehe.


The sweet little Lazukie arrived with 1 Umbilical cord, 1 diaper, 1 pacifier, complete Neonate baby documentation (including: 1 birth certificate, 1 neo-immunization schedule, 1 Neonate baby picture and 1 nursery card) plus 1 Dripity Drop (baby bottle). If you're lucky, your Nenonate baby may arrive with a dirty diaper too, however, Lazukie's diaper was poop-free (whew)!

We wanted to make sure he enjoyed a comfortable sleep so we made a tiny little bed out of a Jewelry box lid and a hand towel.


Legend has it that in northeast Neonatopia a Neonate species never seen before lived in the Kolorado Mountain Range born without color. However, one day, on their way back to Neo-kindergarten, these babies found the most brilliant rainbow and took its color and splashed it all over themselves! From that moment, they transformed into Koloreenies–– super extra kolorful and bright, staying that way forever.

The Koloreenies have four different categories of babies: Zygoties, Espongies, Preemies and the newest line, Nerlies:


Toby is a bit young to understand the concept behind the umbilical cord... so he simply focused on tube-feeding Lazukie his bottle. When you remove the little pacifier that comes attached to its mouth, the Dripity Drop fits perfectly for a warm milk feeding.


Overall, we love playing with our Koloreenies' Neonate Baby, the Nerlie named Lazukie. Toby is Lazukie's doctor and overall caretaker and I must say, he's done quite well.

Even though the toys generally come in orange, pink and purple colors, which may be seen as toys intended for girls, I think little boys love to act as care-giving figures too. And Lazukie comes in green and blue which immediately caught Toby's attention.


It's so very cute to see a toddler boy acting so sweetly toward a toy. It made my heart melt!

The Koloreenies are currently sold out, however, you can "adopt" another one of Distroller's adorable toys by visiting

Thanks for reading, friends!


-Anabel M.

This is a sponsored post. I received a free Koloreenies toy in exchange for a review.