A Visit to Great Grandma's House


Written on June 1, 2016

Beautiful Memories with Mama Gela

On Sunday, March 11, at 8:04 am, my great grandmother, Angelina Zavala Pineda, passed away. While processing this loss, I came across this blog post from two years ago that I decided to repost in her memory.

During my last few weeks of maternity leave, I started getting out of the house more often with Toby and eventually made my way out to Oxnard, where a big part of my family lives, including my parents and grandparents. 
One day while we were out there, the boys and I cancelled our beach plans because it was too cold and decided instead to spend a day at my grandmother's house, located in the "La Colonia" area of Oxnard.
It was so nice to relax at her house. Her and my grandpa, Papá Migue were so welcoming and sweet!
One thing I have to share is that my grandmother is the queen of "Kitsch". 

She owns hundreds of dolls and toys and collectibles, most of which were probably produced decades ago but somehow withstood the test of time to decorate the many dressers, cabinets and ledges around her house.

Her home is a humble place that's only had a few upgrades since I can remember but that's what keeps it comfortable and nostalgic!
For kids, a house like my grandma's represents an adventure at every corner since she has many fun things to keep them entertained.

But as you get to know this fierce and outspoken 90 year old woman, you begin to understand the meaning behind her toy collection.

Every little trinket in her home tells a story of a life full of sacrifices. She's certainly not a hoarder. The collectibles and dolls she has gathered over the years represent her innocence from an impoverished childhood in Mexico, where she grew up dreaming that one day she'd own a doll. She takes very good care of her dolls and we love to see her smile.


This was such a worthwhile trip. So many lessons to be learned from our elders... If only my paternal grandparents would've been around to meet Benny and Toby too (sigh)....

RIP Dear Mamá Gela

-Anabel M.

Anabel Marquez