The Perfect Pant for a Boy Mom!

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The Perfect Pant Provides a Perfectly Comfortable Option!

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In a loud, rowdy house full of boys, there are few things that bring me peace on a busy week night. Those include having no dishes in the sink, enjoying a glass of wine when the boys go to sleep and wearing comfortable clothes around the home.


Being that I usually wear khakis, skirts and suits to work, there's nothing like coming home and changing into lounge wear or some soft, comfy sweats.

Lucky for me, I found a clothing item that's both loungey and soft. It's a pair of pants called The Perfect Pant, developed by Yvette and her husband, a California couple who believes that all women should own "that one perfect pant that stretches to their body shape, soft on their skin and machine washable."

The pants don't have a waistband. They don't have hardware like waist fasteners, buttons or zippers. They simply wrap around your waist comfortably and have wide legs, providing ample leg room.

I found them to be perfect for sleeping. Perfect for hanging around the house and they're also quite versatile. I say this because I actually wore them to work the other day... (Shhhhhh, that's a little secret). It was one of those mornings when I was running late. Considering I have multiple pairs, I grabbed a pair of Perfect Pants and put together a Boho-looking ensemble:


On another occasion, I went shopping, threw on a peasant top with neon details, a bunch of neon-colored accessories and a denim fun! Nobody would have ever guessed that the pants are also used as a pajama bottom:


The Perfect Pant got it right. They know women tend to wear many hats daily with housework, carpooling, going to work, fitness, travel and just lounging at home.

"This pant fits all those categories. The fabric I designed, doesn’t pull or stretch out at the knees," says Yvette. "It can be washed & dried everyday without fading."

And I totally agree.

You can learn more about the Perfect Pant here.

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-Anabel M.


Anabel Marquez