Hollywood and Highland With My Cuties!

Happy in Hollywood!


An LA Outing with the Traviesos

Given Benny's recent obsession with arcades, I decided to take my boys to Dave & Busters in Hollywood for some food and games. It was a normal Saturday for us–– Paul was away at work and I needed to get the boys out of the house!

Off we drove to Hollywood. We parked underground at Hollywood and Highland (enter structure through Highland as if you're going to the Lowe's Hotel). If you dine at one of the restaurants within the facility, you get 2 hour parking validation for $2!

We had lunch at Dave & Busters which included a unique and refreshing icy grape soda beverage with gummy worms and later, a churro for dessert (from Street Churros outside on Level 1). Yes, I know...tons of sugar. Happy boys. Bad Mom. But believe me, I'm pretty good about healthy eating and snacking on weekdays, maybe.


The boys can't see a ground-level water fountain without feeling an urge to run through it and get soaked. I allowed them to do so because, seeing their enthusiastic faces and happy smiles is priceless in a life that's so fast-paced and short.


Hollywood with my boys was pure happiness!

Thanks for reading!


-Anabel M.

Anabel Marquez