Benny's Juicy 5th Birthday Party!



Blending In The Good for my Chiquito's Birthday!

I received a free supply of Jamba Juice products. All opinions are my own. #IJamba


2017 was such a busy year that I simply didn't have a chance to plan ahead for Benny's 5th birthday celebration.

December 7 (his birth date) started approaching and I already knew I was going to be traveling to D.C. for work around that time. I also knew Paul wasn't going to be available a single weekend in December due to his job. So time passed and Benny's birthday week arrived with news that Paul's schedule would suddenly be changing in order to allow for mandatory training. Next thing I knew, Paul was going to be free on the Saturday immediately following Benny's birthday! 

I imagined a fun outing to Bob Baker's Marionette Theater in Downtown or a magical visit to Disneyland but my hubby had other plans. On the night my sisters and I took Benny out for his birthday to see George Balanchine's The Nutcracker, I learned Paul had graciously invited his family to celebrate Benny's birthday. I was very excited about the prospect of decorating the house and throwing a party for the sweetest 5-year-old in the world but I literally had ONE DAY (Friday) to pull it off.


So we rushed to our nearest party store and Benny went for an Emoji-theme which I thought was appropriate given this kid's love for technology and self-expression!

Then I stopped by an ice cream shop, ordered Benny's Favorite cookies n' cream cake and upon arriving home, I dug deep in my garage bins for table cloths, streamers and balloons. I ordered pizza & lasagna for delivery and my mother-in-law and parents brought plenty of side dishes to share.


On the day of the party, our guests had a very special surprise–– a Jamba Juice delivery that included vegetable and fruit juices and smoothies in three popular flavors. They were the highlight of the event!

I set up the Jamba Juice cups on the favor table and dressed them with smiley face party hats. The kids were so, so excited to pick their healthy liquid treat!

I've been a Jamba Juice customer for a long time. I love it because Jamba Juice started out as a little juice shop with a big idea: that healthy living starts locally.

Further, their products are awesome (they carry 13 different kinds of fruits and veggies) and they do great things for the community, like participate in securing garden grants for schools, help community fundraising efforts and promote childhood health through Team Up for a Healthy America. Plus, their smoothies and juices are refreshing and delicious.


On the day of Benny's birthday celebration, we enjoyed Peach Pleasure Smoothies, Strawberries Wild Smoothies and Tropical Greens Fresh Squeezed Juice cups.

It was a very quaint and small party. I didn't get to invite the rest of my extended family since things were so rushed, but one thing's for sure, we'll be having Jamba Juice again at the next one!


For now, I'll be thinking of my smiley boy who has certainly made mama go through each one of the many emoji expressions during the last five years of his life–– from kissy faces and eyes with hearts, to crying of laughter, angry teeth clinching, dreadful face and proud smiles with blushing cheeks. Love you, my Benny boy.

Thanks for reading!


-Anabel M.

Anabel Marquez