A Romantic and Quiet Valentine's Day Dinner for Two (at home)

There’s Still Time to Place your order at Bristol Farms!


A Romantic Dinner at home with my Boo

I’m a big fan of Bristol Farms, a SoCal grocery store chain that sells quality food items and other fabulous products. I’ve partnered with them on several occasions and they’ve supported my Mommy In Los Angeles Magazine venture.

This year for Valentine’s Day, Bristol Farms revealed a special dinner meal for two—a lovely offering that includes HEART-shaped wellingtons with Potato Au Gratin Dauphinoise, Steamed Asparagus & Peppers and Heart-Shaped Chocolate Ganache.

You can order your Valentine’s Day Meal for two before midnight tonight, February 12, 2019 HERE

I figured picking up the Bristol Farms Valentine’s Meal for Two would be an excellent way of spending a quiet evening with Paul, in anticipation of Lovers Day, and without the hassle of having to cook, bake, and deal with the aftermath of a messy kitchen.

IMG_4095 2.JPG

For a romantic dinner, it’s all in the details, friends!

Besides picking up the Valentines Day Dinner for Two, I shopped at Bristol Farms for flowers, a good bottle of bubbly, and even found the gorgeous gold bucket container where I placed the bottle! And get this, the crisp Riedel glasses you see as part of my table set-up can also be purchased at Bristol Farms (I got mine at the Pasadena store)!

IMG_4097 2.JPG

So back to the special meal for two—

Wellingtons are a preparation of meat (usually beef) coated with pâté, which is then wrapped in puff pastry and baked. For the Bristol Farms Valentine’s Day Meal, you can choose two of the following options:

  • Filet of Beef – with pâté inside a puff pastry heart with a side of burgundy mushroom sauce.

  • Salmon – with sautéed spinach inside a puff pastry heart with a side of béchamel sauce.

  • Chicken – with mushrooms and brie inside a puff pastry hearth with a side of burgundy mushroom sauce.

  • Vegetarian Lasagna – Grilled vegetables, cheeses, pasta marinara all layered inside a puff pastry heart.


If you want to make the meal experience extra special,

you can place a few candles on the table, a small frame with a picture of you and bae and let the pink Lillies make the biggest statement just by sitting pretty.
Friends, we had the Chicken Wellington option for dinner and it was a great. Paul usually doesn’t like taking pictures at the dinner table. But he agreed to a selfie before receiving his Valentine’s Day card, which by the way, I also found at Bristol Farms in Woodland Hills.


A special shout-out to my hubby

for always agreeing to participate in my blogger and magazine journeys and making every special occasion more meaningful. I love you, hot stuff! While I was preparing the dinner table, he would come by and say things like— when can we eat? LOL. But then he’d offer to help and tell me I looked cute!


We had several glasses of Veuve Ambal

(the bottle costs $12.99) Then we lounged afterwards and watched funny YouTube videos. The kids were at grandma’s house after having enjoyed a surprise dessert table earlier in the day.

Events like Valentine’s Day take on a different meaning for a couple after having kids...

Gone are the years we would make reservations in advance at fancy restaurants for special V-Day pre-fix meals. These days, having a quiet night at home with a glass of wine, after a good meal is all I want, kinda’. Ok, fine— I still love fancy restaurants! But this year, a fancy dining table set-up and a delicious dinner at home (and at a fraction of the cost) was perfection.

Thanks Bristol Farms.

And thanks for reading friends!

To order your Valentine’s Day Dinner Meal for two before midnight tonight (2/12/19), click here.



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