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Splitzville is A 'Bowl' Lot of Fun!

New Downtown Disney Attraction

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Time for Some Magical Bowling

If discovering bright-colored bowling balls with Mickey & Minnie's faces engraved on them isn't enough to make you rush over to the new Splitzville Bowling Alley in Downtown Disney and show your enthusiasm for all things Disney, then consider this:

The state-of-the art brand new 40,000 sq. ft. bowling facility recently opened in Anaheim with 20 bowling lanes, room for 600 dining seats, two craft cocktail bars and live music 365 days a year!


I was at the grand opening of Splitzville on March 15, where Goofy enthusiastically welcomed guests to an upstairs bowling and dining area that allowed me to see the cute-as-ever Disney character engraved bowling balls (and enjoy plenty of yummy treats).

When I saw Minnie Mouse with her long lashes and adorable bow engraved on a blue marble colored bowling ball, I instantly thought: "This is way too cute to ever be a gutter ball!" BTW, in bowling terms, a gutter ball is a nonscoring ball that enters the gutter on either side of the lane before reaching the!

Still, I gave it a try. Fortunately, my Minnie bowling ball made it to the end and knocked down three pins...yay!

Splitzville had a silent launch before the March 15 ribbon cutting ceremony but issues with city permits were preventing the company from actually announcing its debut... until everything was finally approved by the city of Anaheim.

One of my favorite things from Splitzville is definitely the menu. The facility has two kitchens built to pretty much cater to any palate. They serve the classics: pizza, burgers, chicken wings, etc. But they also offer sushi, spicy veggie bowls, steak and mushrooms and awesome salads. You can also order a Coca Cola Freestyle drink or an Icee in a super fun 28oz. Pin Sipper Souvenir container!


For those of us who aren't too familiar with bowling and the rules of the game, I'll tell you this much– it's okay if those bowling shoes you must rent make you feel Goofy... after all, you're at the Disneyland Resort! And it's okay if you feel like Beast after enjoying a $25 Double Stack burger... nobody said you weren't going to burn it off after walking from Splitzville to the Sleeping Beauty Castle inside Disneyland for the late night fireworks show!

Enjoy your time at the Disneyland Resort and make it a point to stop by Splitzville for fun, food and a 'bowl' lot of fun!

Thanks for reading, friends!