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Application Period is Underway for the 2019 Disney Parks Moms Panel!

Apply Now Through September 12!


I did it and you can too!


What is the Disney Parks Moms Panel?

The Disney Parks Moms Panel is a group of real moms, dads and in-the-know relatives (hand-picked by Disney) who serve as the ultimate online resource for families. They offer helpful tips and heartfelt advice about Disney vacation destinations.

Disney Park Mom Panelists answer guest questions about theme parks, restaurants, services, shops, hotels or activities to help people plan and get the most out of their magical trip. In exchange for their work on the Panel, they get a reward Disney vacation and other Magical benefits (more on that here).

Who Can Apply?

All Panelists Must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Have access to a computer & an Internet connection.
  • Have visited either Walt Disney World® Resort or Disneyland® Resort at least once in the last 12 months. If applying to be a Disney Cruise Line® or Disney Vacation Club® Panelist, you must have experienced that vacation within the last 24 months.
  • Be able to complete up to 20 written responses per week, roughly estimated 20 minutes per question.
  • Provide their own opinions, tips and feedback on Disney vacations.
  • Submit an autobiography and personal photo and/or video to be posted online.
  • Be available to travel to Walt Disney World® Resort during dates between November 27 and December 1, 2018 for Training sessions. Panelists cannot bring family members or friends.
  • Not be current employees/Cast Members of The Walt Disney Company or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates.
  • Not be currently employed by; or be an immediate family member of; or currently reside with someone employed by the travel, hotel, theme park, cruise line or time share industries (including, without limitation, being a travel agent or consultant);
The 2017 Disney Parks Moms Panel!

The 2017 Disney Parks Moms Panel!

My personal experience

In 2015,

I applied to the Disney Parks Moms Panel. The idea of working as Disney Ambassador of sorts, was simply too tempting to pass up. I felt it was a great fit. Not knowing what to expect, I completed the application which consisted of several questions that tested my Mouse knowledge and asked me to describe, among other things, my favorite Disney attractions and experiences. A few weeks later I received an email saying my application had not made it to the second round.


In 2016,

I tried again. This time, I was more elaborate with my answers and tried sprinkling extra pixie dust on each response. I kept things simple, honest and very personal to my experience as a Disney fan. I also made sure to check my spelling and grammar and when I hit the submit button, I did so with optimism. I thought about Walt Disney's famous quote: "If you believe it, you can do it" but I also kept it real. I figured that, with thousands of applicants from around the world, my chances of getting selected would be slim to none, which I was okay with. If it wasn't meant to be in 2016, I'd simply give it a try the following year.

Days later, I received an email saying I had advanced to Round Two!!

Happiest Kid on Earth during a visit to Walt Disney World in 2017.

Happiest Kid on Earth during a visit to Walt Disney World in 2017.

Without getting too ahead of myself

and preparing for the worst, I thought, heck! if I made it to Round Two this time, then I'd hopefully make it just as far (or better) if I found myself applying again the following year.

But I got extremely lucky.

Once I submitted my second set of answers, I waited patiently until I heard back from Disney... To my surprise, I had advanced to the final round!!

I was so, so, excited! I mean, was this really happening!?

Dreams do come true, friends! During that time, Toby was nine months old and I sorta' needed some excitement outside of mommy duties.  Having made it to the final round of the Panel selection process was unbelievably exciting!


Following the final round of questions,

I was almost sure I'd be eliminated. I felt my answers hadn't been as impressive as I was hoping to make them. I started second guessing everything I had shared and well, I was looking ahead and telling myself I'd do better the following year.

Then I received the phone call.

A Disney Parks representative was on the line to let me know I had been selected to be a 2017 Disney Parks Mom Panelist! I died. I mean, I really. couldn't. believe. it.

Was this for real!? | Yipee!! Yay! |  Bouncy, Trouncy, Flouncy, Pouncy! Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun!!!!!!!

IMG_5965 2.jpg

It's true that there are THOUSANDS of applicants each year.

Disney generally opens the application period in early September, then reads through each application received! From there, the selection process has to move rather quickly in order for them to coordinate and plan the Mom Panelist training session which usually happens in early December at Walt Disney World in Florida.

Being on the 2017 Disney Parks Moms Panel was an incredible experience. It's certainly a lot of work but when you're a big Disney fan, joining the Panel means you get to share your Disney obsession with fellow enthusiasts and make lifelong friends while you're at it. Plus, it's a real pleasure to help families plan their Disney vacation.

With my fellow 2017 Disneyland Resort Mom Panelist aka my "Disney Sister" Linda Marquez and our kiddos.

With my fellow 2017 Disneyland Resort Mom Panelist aka my "Disney Sister" Linda Marquez and our kiddos.

Friends, I share my story because

I'm just a mom who loves Disney. When I applied, I didn't have any Disney connections, or Magical contacts, or insider info. I wasn't even part of the Facebook Hopefuls group where applicants share their application journey and exchange encouraging words with one another. I just happened to love the Disneyland Resort and knew a lot of fun facts about my favorite place. I was thrilled to apply for a second year in a row and only hoped for the best.

If you've applied or plan on applying to the 2019 Disney Parks Moms Panel, know that you're as likely to get selected as I was.

Nobody knows how or why each mom panelist is chosen. I don't believe there's a secret formula to the process so if you don't get lucky this time around, don't feel bummed out!


Some applicants who get disqualified

will take to their social media accounts and express frustration, anger and even post rude comments. This type of reaction is no bueno. For one, the selection committee may come across those accounts and conclude that a rude applicant is not a good fit anyway.

Remember, Disney works diligently to create magical experiences for all guests and someone who acts like a villain just because they didn't advance or get selected, may not be a good fit for the panel.


Lastly, remember why you're even applying to begin with-- you love Disney!

Panel or not, you have a special place in your heart for all things Disney, which is probably why you chose to apply. With that in mind, continue enjoying the Disney experience and creating new memories for yourself and your family. If you don't get chosen for the 2019 Panel, give it a shot again next year!


Thanks for reading, friends. Good luck to all the applicants!


-Anabel M.

I served on the 2017 Disney Parks Moms Panel, a contract position with magical benefits. All opinions are my own.

To apply for the 2019 Disney Parks Moms Panel click here. The Application deadline is Wednesday, September 12, 2018.