21 Favorite Moments From our Trip to San Francisco

A Pop of Color & Good Times!

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Yay to Bread Bowls, Balloons and Beignets!

Sometimes it’s better to show good times than to write about them, right friends? For that, I thank the mighty iPhone camera which captured many awesome memories from our February 2019 trip to San Francisco.

We actually didn’t overbook ourselves with museum outings and exploration journeys. Instead we thoroughly enjoyed our time exploring few locations. Those included Chinatown, Fishermen’s Wharf and the Shipyard area of the city where my sister Irene’s fabulous apartment is located. Here are our 21 favorite moments from our most recent trip to the city.

1. Mad about having to take pictures in front of a Bruce Lee Mural in Chinatown

I mean, how can you enjoy shopping for fireworks and swords at the many shops in San Francisco’s Chinatown when you have to pose for pictures in front of a ginormous mural of Bruce Lee!? Benny wasn’t having it:


2. But happy to do a Michael Jackson dance in front of a Dragon Mural

Because after shopping for toys, fireworks and swords the world is a better place so now posing in front of a Chinatown mural isn’t enough, it takes dancing in front of a Chinatown Mural to show your happiness:


3. Ruining the perfect photo opportunity in front of a Trolley to look at Chinese Lanterns (which were located all over the place)

Toby simply would not turn to smile at the camera. Meanwhile, his fabulous auntie Irene kept a perfect pose…even after the Trolley left. Yasssss, queen:


4. Finding small outdoor chairs to take in the sun.

There’s a small convenience store in the Shipyard area of San Francisco where my sister lives. Outside of the store there are kid size tables and benches, which were quickly spotted and adequately used by these two to take in some sun in chilly weather:


5. Meeting two questionable characters

When Paul saw these two upon arriving at Fishermen’s Wharf, he jumped at the opportunity to pose for a picture… even if the suggested tip was $40 (ugh!). I was overall annoyed. Plus, I thought the character with the blonde hair should’ve been much taller and neither of them should ever be spotted in SF but weird things happen sometimes…


6. Letting the kids enjoy ice cream before lunchtime in very cold weather

The only condition was that they smile for the camera in front of the signature Ben & Jerry’s Cow logo (because it included a picture of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge). We ended up sharing a single scoop of their Cherry Garcia flavor.


7. Buying the kids extra-large balloon figures

Toby wanted Cookie Monster. Benny wanted an Octopus with pink tentacles. Both boys won the affection of the balloon maker and got free green swords in addition to their large balloons.


8. Refusing to leave the bench after winning a sword fight.

The boys had many balloon sword fights that often ended in passers-by getting a bit annoyed. Then we decided it was time to go but Toby didn’t want to step down from his pedestal. The balloons turned into the biggest inconvenience of the day. And every time cookie monster lost a limb, Toby would cry harder.


9. Discovering the Franciscan Crab House

This super cool restaurant is located across the street from the world-famous Boudin. But crossing the street to stand in a long line with two boys and four large balloons was a bit much so we opted for convenience and ate at the Franciscan Crab House. No regrets there.


10. The Franciscan Crab House’s Clam Chowder in a Bread Bowl

This was honestly soooo delish. The boys didn’t eat fish (Benny has a shellfish allergy), we ordered “Chicken & Chips” for them which were very good.


11. The Beignets with powdered sugar and vanilla cream dip

Ok. Maybe they overdid it with the powdered sugar. But these were awesome. We shared an order of three beignets and enjoyed them a lot.


12. Discovering the Musée Mécanique

Just think of a huge arcade with nothing but antique games (which are all coin operated). This was probably more enjoyable for Paul and I but the boys had a blast… See below to learn why.


13. A big clown lady sings for only $0.25

This is kinda freaky and kind of amazing all at once. The puppet lady (left) moves and sings a haunting tune which probably would give me chills and nightmares in the dark.


14. Arm wrestling with a vintage luchador machine

Benny didn’t quite grasp the concept but he tried winning the match. It was too fun to watch.


15. Being declared a “LOVABLE” person after paying $0.50 to sit on the Throne of Love.

I mean, I coulda’ told you that about me (lol)…. but it’s always nice when a mysterious chair says it. Perhaps, the heavier the person, the nicer the results?


16. The Thimble Theater Dancing Men

The music, the dance moves, the craftsmanship to create these puppets… it’s all too great.


17. Peppy the Singing and Dancing Clown…That You Control

Patrons who pay a quarter can actually control the clown’s moves by pushing buttons to move its hands and legs. Its quite fantastic:


18. Visiting Spark Food Truck Park

This place has plenty of food trucks, a booze booth, games for the kids and an area to reserve your own swinging chairs around a bonfire where you’re provided with all the ingredients to make a one-of-a-kind S’mores creation.


19. When Benny asked a couple for marshmallows at Spark

The couple who had reserved the private area to enjoy swinging chairs around a bonfire said yes to letting Benny have a marshmallow. In turn, Benny invited his newfound friends to enjoy marshmallows too. He assumed of course, that if the couple had allowed him to eat, they would be okay having an additional three kids mooch off their sweet treats.


20. Toby deciding he didn’t want to sit with us.

Instead, he spent time crawling in and out of a tented table area. And interrupting us frequently so we could wave back at him.


21. Leaving San Francisco after the boys destroyed my sister’s apartment

She was so gracious about it. True story— in a span of three days, the boys slid down one of her living room walls, jumped on top of her microwave (don’t ask), one of the boys threw up on her gorgeous bed throw (it happens), they ate all her snacks, marked greasy hand prints on her dining room chairs and well, many more things… Thanks for being a great host, Irenee! Love you.


We were really tired

by the time we returned home from our trip. But it was worth it. Here’s a blog post where I explain why it’s worth the hassle to travel with little kids.

Thanks for reading friends!


-Anabel M

Anabel Marquez