A Trip to Puerto Vallarta with my Boyfriend

Fun Times at the Vidanta Resort


Hello November in Mexico!

Friends, I went on a mini vacation with my husband and upon arriving, the man I’ve been married to for eleven years suddenly became my boyfriend again… Awwww.


 Paul and I were due for a getaway.


We needed to take a few days to reconnect and escape the many stressful factors that accompany demanding jobs, small children, general adult responsibilities and the ridiculously fast-paced Los Angeles life.

My sister and parents agreed to take care of the boys and off we went.

When we found ourselves inside a gorgeous tropical paradise with piña coladas awaiting— after having sat next to each other, laughed and flirted a little on the plane — we knew we had made the right decision to leave everything on hold and focus on each other. It took a little adjusting because, let’s face it, we’re used to disagreeing here and there, but once we arrived, I felt like his girlfriend again… it was so perfect!


Our friends Connie and Ricardo

own a timeshare at the Vidanta Resort in Puerto Vallarta and they invited us to travel and enjoy the many indulgences of this extraordinary complex of hotels, restaurants, shops, bars and swimming attractions. We stayed at the Grand Mayan Hotel within the Vidanta Resort.


We had a one-bedroom suite with a

soaking pool in our private terrace, a huge bathtub and a spacious kitchenette. Not too far was a fantastic “Shark” Bar; a Cantina-style restaurant that served steak Chicharrones (to die for) and held a nightly water show. In our building we had an arts & crafts room where guests could learn to make Mexican artwork (or pose for pictures like me…lol).


We met face-to-face with iguanas,

raccoons and hawks in a tropical jungle setting that featured a lazy river, numerous beautifully designed pools with a view of the ocean, gorgeous shows and lively nightly entertainment.

IMG_8837 2.JPG

The food was great,

the ambiance was perfect and even though we missed our boys on Halloween night, we enjoyed taking the time to remind each other why we got married to begin with… he’s my better half!

Getting away from everything was necessary and something I recommend to all married couples.


The Vidanta Resort is beautiful, friends.

Reservations for non-members start at approximately $700/night for a one-bedroom suite at the Grand Mayan.

A brand-new, state-of-the-art Cirque du Soleil Theme Park is currently under construction and the first phase will be inaugurated in 2020…. I can’t wait to return!


 Thanks Connie & Ricardo…

We had a blast. Love you guys!

Thanks for reading, friends!


-Anabel M.

Anabel Marquez