Holiday Fun at Knotts 'Merry' Farm

Snoopy Time!


A Merry Holiday Outing

Did you know Knott’s Berry Farm has a program where they offer SoCal Fire Department and Law Enforcement personnel free admission for two? It’s pretty awesome considering theme park tickets are averaging about $100 per person these days.


We had never taken advantage of the offer

because in order to do so, Paul has to be there to show his badge. Since he had a years-long stretch of working weekends, it was impossible to take advantage of his free passes. I had already taken Benny to Knotts… but tackling a theme park with two boys is quite a task so Toby had never visited.

Now that Paul’s schedule changed, we decided it was time to take the kids to meet Snoopy!

A Bear hug for Benny from Snoopy

A Bear hug for Benny from Snoopy

For starters, parking at Knotts Berry Farm is $20, no exceptions.

We also purchased two meal plans for about $36 each. For each meal plan purchased you get a bracelet to be worn throughout the day.

The meal plan basically entitles each meal plan bracelet holder to unlimited meals at select locations throughout the park on the day of your visit.

HOWEVER, you must wait 90 minutes between each meal purchase and the meal plans don’t include drinks or dessert….grrr.

Based on our experience, I would probably not buy the meal plan again. I just feel it gave us a weird inclination to make the most of our purchase by using the plan as much as possible when we were there. Every 90 minutes Paul claimed he was hungry again and there we were, standing in long food lines which is definitely not my style!


I will say, however, that the ribs from Boardwalk BBQ

were delicious. The holiday churro form the Churro Factory was also to.die.for!

The ribs are served with corn on the cob or a baked potato. The churros are served plain, with special holiday trimmings or you can opt for a famous Churro Sundae.


Both locations are inside

Knott’s Wild West-themed area called “Ghost Town” which we loved! Benny and Toby had a blast trying out a number of guns, rifles and western-themed attractions & shops.


We enjoyed Camp Snoopy the most.

Benny and Toby got on a few kiddie rides. We also checked out the Knotts Berry Farm arcade and watched the Cowboy stunt show which was funny and at times hilarious (spoiler alert: front row guests get splashed with water numerous times throughout the show).


Finally, we visited with the famous beagle himself—

Snoopy was accompanied by Woodstock and we used the photo area for a mini family photo shoot.

A fun time for the fam bam indeed.


Thanks for reading, friends! 

Maybe we’ll see you at Knott’s Merry (or Berry) Farm soon!

-Anabel M.

Anabel Marquez