Just Float & Chill -- How a Mommy Meet-Up Allowed me to Relax like Never Before

Just Float is a Unique Wellness Center in Pasadena

Photo By   Daniela Rey

Photo By Daniela Rey

Fabulous Float Therapy!

A few days ago,

I spent the first half of my day floating on salty water, by myself, in the dark.

It was a little weird at first, then it got better and an hour later, I was in deep relaxation mode with nothing but meditative thoughts. My arms were raised above my head floating in the water and nothing else mattered…


I was practicing float therapy

at Just Float in Pasadena, which promotes itself as the world’s most advanced float center. I was invited by a fellow mommy blogger, the lovely Rosie from the Hustling Mama blog, to join a few other mom bloggers and give ourselves a chance to connect and disconnect by experiencing this type of therapy.

Photo By   Daniel Rey

Photo By Daniel Rey

So what is Float Therapy, you ask?

Float Therapy or “Floating” is simply an effortless way to relax. Customers step into a private, oversized tub filled with about 11 inches of warm water that’s saturated with 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt. The result is the same for everyone— you automatically float with no effort required.

Because the lights are turned off and outside noise is eliminated, you get to unplug and relax.

This kind of therapy was created in the United States in the mid-1950’s by a neuro-scientist named Jonh Lily. Back then, he called the water tubs “Sensory Deprivation Tanks” and through his research, he concluded that Floatation therapy allowed the central nervous system to reduce its workload by as much as 90 percent!


How it works

is very simple. First you’re encouraged to shower and remove makeup, oils and any other products on your skin. There’s a shower adjacent to each tub, located in individual private rooms. From the shower, you can put on some ear plugs to avoid water entering your ears (plugs are provided) and simply enter the tub, close the door behind you and push the “Begin float” button once you’ve situated yourself in a comfortable floating position.

You will be provided with a swim cap that serves as a pillow of sorts. Once your 60 minute session is over, the lights turn back on and that’s your cue to exit the tub, take another shower to wash off the salt (the facility provides shampoo, conditioner and body wash) and head out to the styling station to blow dry your hair or to the relaxation room to enjoy a hot cup of tea.


Since I’ve had a pretty stressful

past few months, this mommy blogger meet-up seemed like the perfect treat. And it was!

Not only did we get to know each other and bond over stories about our kids, careers and life journeys, we also bonded over how great Float Therapy made us feel.


At Just Float in Pasadena,

each Float Therapy Session costs approximately $80 although first-time floaters are only charged $60. The session includes 60 minutes of floating, access to complimentary grooming and styling products and water and/or tea.


The experience is TOTALLY worth the investment.

Once you try it, you’ll be glad you did.

Thanks again, Rosie! and thanks to the awesome staff at Just Float for hosting us!

Weightlessness Awaits, Friends…


I received a complimentary float session. All opinions are my own

Anabel Marquez