Care Bears Arrive at CREAM in Northridge and NoHo

Cute & Yummy


A Beary Yummy Collaboration!

Care Bears and CREAM have partnered up this month for a super cute (and yummy) ice cream treat offer. Throughout the month of March, customers who stop at the CREAM ice cream shop in NoHo and/or Northridge will be able to order either a Lucky Bear Ice Cream Sandwich made with double chocolate chip cookies, mint chocolate chip ice cream and topping of choice (I suggest gummy bears!) or a Care Bear Berry Ice Cream Sandwich made with butter sugar cookies with shamrock confetti strawberry ice cream and sprinkles.


Benny and I attended the kick-off event on Wednesday Night at the CREAM store in North Hollywood. There were giveaways, games, face painting and even a special celebrity appearance by Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Teddy Mellencamp... who was lovely to talk to! Don't you think her first name alone combined with her cuteness makes her a perfect ambassador for Care Bears events!? Her kids are adorable too!

Photo: Vivien Best

Photo: Vivien Best


Anyway, Benny's favorite Care Bear is Good Luck Bear (because his favorite color is green) and considering this campaign was perfectly planned in time for St. Patrick's Day, we had a lot of fun with Good Luck Bear-themed surprises at CREAM's kick-off event!

For one, he got a green leaf clover face painting by the lovely gal who owns Critterosity, then he won a Care Bears blanket. Then after ordering our Lucky Care Bear Ice Cream Sandwiches, we received the cutest Care Bears trading cards! A collection of eight different trading cards were created as part of this collaboration. Customers who purchase a Care Bears Ice Cream treat will receive one a checkout!


Overall, we had a blast celebrating Care Bears and CREAM's Ice Cream partnership.

Make sure you stop by CREAM to get yours before the campaign ends on March 31!

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-Anabel M.

Anabel Marquez