Bubble Fest Arrives at Discovery Cube OC

Now through April 8

Bubblefest Sign view from I-5 freeway

Bubblefest Sign view from I-5 freeway

Bubble Fun For Everyone!

For families looking to spend an evening feeling happy and bubbly, the Discovery Cube in Orange County just launched its Bubblefest Exhibit which is happening now through April 8.

My sons and I visited the exhibit on Saturday morning and now I'm wondering when I'll be able to squeeze in another trip before Bubblefest is gone. It was tons of fun!


Bubblefest features everything from Bubble Walls and giant Bubble Spheres you can ride over a pool of water (you'll suddenly think of your kids as hamsters inside a wheel). There are also bubble art discovery stations and a bubble lab plus a fantastic Mega Bubblefest Laser Show to end your experience with a bang!

The Bubblefest takes place mostly inside a designated Bubble Zone where littles can also jump their way through inflatable obstacle courses and take a picture inside a Bubble Wall.

In general, I think allowing 2-3 hours for your kids to enjoy Bubblefest is a good time.

I hated to burst their bubble but after spending several fun hours inside the Bubble zone, I told my sons it was time to go home. They got sooooo upset. Benny began complaining about having to leave "so early" and Toby was crying because he wanted to stay inside the bouncy obstacle course longer. I promised them a small gift shop souvenir, which made things better.

Over at the Discovery Cube's gift shop, there is an entire section of bubbles and bubble-themed gifts including giant bottles of bubble solution and a number of bubble toys. They wanted everything there (but Benny ended up choosing an freeze-dried ice cream bar and Toby went with a miniature hand-crafted glass cow...lol).


Bubblefest Tickets

Tickets for Discovery Cube are  $17.95 for adults and $12.95 for kids.

Tickets for Bubblefest are $10.00 (for guests ages 3 and older).

Keep in mind a separate ticket is required for Bubblefest (in addition to your regular Discovery Cube Admission ticket).

Passes to watch the Mega Bubblefest Laser show are $3.00 per person.

I hope you enjoy your Bubblefest Experience.

Thanks for reading, friends!


-Anabel M.

Anabel Marquez