The J Paul Getty Museum Gets $500k for Youth Art Programs!

Generous Genesis!


Prepare for #Unshuttered!

The J Paul Getty Museum received $500,000 today, thanks to luxury car brand, Genesis. The grant donation made me really happy because my sons and I love The Getty!

As a matter of fact, today's announcement gave me a hilarious memory from a trip we made to The Getty in 2016, when I was trying to get Benny to appreciate art sculptures. As I recall, the moody and hungry toddler was in dire need of a nap and simply wouldn't give me the satisfaction of even pretending to be slightly interested in the marvelous art that surrounded him:


But I digress.

I was at today's grant presentation ceremony at the Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades. Genesis representatives shared how much they believe in The Getty's efforts to expand art appreciation to school-aged children and teens.


Seeing what The Getty did with the donation it received from Genesis last year, I was thrilled to share today's news. You see, the J Paul Getty Museum is getting ready to release the launch of Unshuttered, a unique art program that allows teens to share aspects of their lives through a camera lens. The Unshuttered website,, will be live on March 10 along with an app, and both will serve as a platform where teens from Los Angeles and beyond can participate by sharing images that define them.

"We chose photography as the medium for this challenge because it's a kind of art that teens make every day and it's a platform that they use to form connections to each other and to ideas across time and space," said Lisa Clemens, Assistant Director, Education, Public Programs and Interpretive Media at The Getty.

I'm really excited to see this project unfold and even more to see how The Getty's education program will continue expanding to reach under-served youth, thanks to generous sponsors like Genesis.

Here's to many new great programs for kids at The Getty!

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-Anabel M.


Anabel Marquez