Benny's 6th Birthday Breakfast!

A letter for my son


Happy Birthday, my dear son

My baby is a big boy now!

Since this blog was initially intended to be a web log or online journal of sorts, today I will use it as such. I’m writing a brief letter to my son, to keep a memory of the thoughts, feelings and experiences of December 7, 2018 when Benjamin turned six-years-old.


Dear Benny,

Happy 6th Birthday!

I woke up extra early today to prepare a “birthday pancake” breakfast at home. You were fighting a cold but still enthusiastic and eager to know if, on your birthday, you’d be receiving your arcade-themed sneakers. Instead, I surprised you with breakfast, balloons & a Nintendo Gameboy Advance!


We’ve had a tough few weeks.

I was really sick with an awful cold recently and you were experiencing growing pains and emotional moments— from living the consequences of misbehaving in school to understanding the concept of a guilty conscience. Kindergarten has been a challenging transition for you but through it all, your maturity and willingness to own your mistakes has allowed you to carry on and has made me very proud!

Toby wasn’t sure how to use the party blow horn during Benny’s birthday breakfast, which made us laugh…A LOT!

Toby wasn’t sure how to use the party blow horn during Benny’s birthday breakfast, which made us laugh…A LOT!

You are a great big brother!

You protect Toby and share your toys with your little brother, even at the expense of your own fun. You’re a great dancer, often impressing me with your “freaky robot” moves and imitating some of Michael Jackson’s choreography. You are doing great with your “snap” words and beginning to read short words. Your love of books has increased throughout the years and I love seeing how very curious you are about life.

You LOVE arcades and arcade games and recently hosted “Casinoland” for our guests at Thanksgiving. Basically, you coordinated a series of play areas for guests “of all ages”… there was an dance lounge, a card playing table, a game room, a fitness center and a lunch buffet, all directly created from your imagination. You were adorable, Benny!

On another note, your front tooth is loose! This means the tooth fairy will be arriving soon!

You didn’t want a birthday party this year requesting a “long day at the arcade” instead.

I promise we will make it happen.


Benny, I never knew what motherhood would be like—

but you have given it an incredible meaning because you are that special.

I hope you enjoyed your birthday cake pancakes… I know for a fact, you loved the buttercream frosting drizzle and cherry on top!


I’m sure you’ll have a great day at school.

I’m on my way to a press conference for work but I’ll be thinking of you all day!


When I get home you won’t be here tonight.

That’s because Tia Frenchee is taking you for a fun adventure to Marina Del Rey and you’ll be spending the night at a “Boatel”… fun!!!!

Oh yeah— those arcade game shoes you’ve been hoping for— Papa will surprise you tomorrow!

May this be your best year yet little guy.

Love you forever,

-Mama Anabel 12,07,2018

Anabel Marquez