Season's Speedings! A Cars-Themed Breakfast



Honk if you're Hungry!

We visited California Adventure during the second weekend in November, just as Holidays at the Disneyland Resort had launched.

Decked out from the main entrance to the the back lots, the Park was one huge holiday celebration!

If you ask me what my favorite thing was, I'll tell you it was the Festival of Holidays–– a collection of booths that start at the end of Buena Vista Street and continue through the walkway leading to Paradise Pier. These booths sell food, drinks and desserts from around the world.

Now, if you ask Benny and Toby what their favorite thing was, they'll say it was Cars Land, where guests are greeted with a sign that says "Season's Speedings". It features a fantastic Christmas overlay and my sons simply didn't want to leave!


The Cars Land Christmas experience combined with a new-found love of cars that Toby has discovered made Benny decide it was time to ask me for a favor.

"Can we please have a Cars breakfast for Toby, Mama?," Benny asked.

Who can say no to that? Big brother asking for a fun breakfast for little brother...My. Heart. Melts.

It takes simple details to make meaningful memories and today's breakfast was a reminder of that!

I made roadway place mats with removable play tape, extended a Candy cane tissue paper sheet and placed Cars-themed meal sets gifted to the boys by Grandma Dotty. Then I made simple pancakes.

Benny and Toby loved it. They played with their Cars and enjoyed their breakfast...

Here are some pictures before the table turned into a messy car track with syrup and strawberry stems everywhere!


Thanks for reading!


-Anabel M.

Anabel Marquez